Saturday, 25 April 2015



        It is almost an year for the National Democratic Alliance's Government at the helm of affairs.  The pace of performance and output is wanting compared to the hype and promises made to the electorate.  People's expectations were and are very high, because of the pre-electoral and post-electoral promises by Mr. Modi and his Team. The younger generation especially between the  age group of 20-35 years are more demanding and want quick and immediate resolution of their grievances.
         Luckily, a number of factors have helped the Union Government till now:-

(a)  During the year 2015, the international prices of crude,  metals and minerals have drastically fallen giving substantial benefits by way of total value of imports, thereby, resulting in saving of precious foreign exchange,
(b)  With the change in Government at the Centre, the naxal and other internal disturbances  in the country are under control,
(c)   Even the external disturbances on the western, eastern and northern front of the country are again under relative control as the neighbours are under passive state and reassessing their strategies.  A year before, even small island nations like Sri Lanka and Maldives have behaved inappropriately, if we recall,
(d)  The US Fed is yet to revise their Treasury Policy on interest rate which has resulted in more flow of FII funds into the Indian stock market and last but not the least, 
(e)   The overall economic performance of the BRIC nations including China is not very encouraging due to global and internal problems of those countries.

         The present Government led by Mr. Modi has taken some extra-ordinary looking good actions during the past one year.  To mention a few of them, are:-
(a)   The e-Auction of coal blocks which has fetched the Union and State Governments about 2 lac crores, till now and more is expected from the remaining e-auctions from the cancelled coal blocks. 
(b)   It is seen that about one lac crore rupees were committed for spectrum auctions of the Ministry of Telecommunications.
(c)    About 12.50 crore Jan Dhan Yojana accounts have been opened as on 31.01.2015 yielding an account balance  of Rs. 10500 crores from both urban and rural areas,
(d)    A trillion watts of energy has been produced in India, as per the latest reports of the Ministry of Energy, which is a record performance. 
(e)    The over-all performance of the Ministry of External Affairs is relatively praise-worthy compared to the past performance on many fronts during the past one year.

         It is clearly seen that out of 60-65 Ministries in the Government of India, except for the performance output of 6-8 Ministries, the rest are lagging behind and more or less on par with the past performance of the earlier Governments.  Below par performance relatively.  A lot needs to be done.  But for the performance of the Hon'ble Supreme Court, Reserve Bank of India, SEBI, ISRO, etc., the whatever shine of the Government would get diluted.   Here lies a very good opportunity for India to take some concrete actions on top priority basis.  The Government should think out-of-the-box and should take some drastic steps.  
Induct Professional Experts
         It has been seen during the past two-three decades that the output performance of 'Professional Experts' inducted into the Government like S/Shri  Dr. Verghese Kurien, Dr. E. Sreedharan, T.N. Seshan and Nandan Nilekani to name a few and others had been laudable.  The age old and decadent Indian bureaucracy is not up to the mark with the challenges facing the Nation vis-a-vis the expectations of the young, vibrant and expectorant population of India.  It is high time that the Hon'ble Prime Minister himself with the assistance of the Minister of Personnel and Administrative Reforms should chalk-out a Panel of "Professional Experts" to be inducted into various Ministries and Organisations of the Government with suitable status, pay and perks, with utmost autonomy, clear cut objectives and time lines to be given assigned for period not less than 3-5 years.  It is seen that the old coterie of bureaucracy puts in lot of spokes whenever "professional experts" are appointed in their places.  Prime Minister himself should review this aspect.  

        If we want to take the Nation forward, this is one of the prescriptions, which was not carried out by weak governments earlier.  Likewise, the State and Union Territory Governments should follow the pattern.  I hope, Mr. Kejrival of Delhi and Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu of Andhra Pradesh should take a lead which should ignite and encourage KCR Government of Telangana to out-show his competitive rivals.  The objective is that appropriate measures and means should yield better results for the common man.  

       Let us hope the Governments act on the+ Right Track.#