Saturday, 2 May 2015

Mr Modi or " Mr Moody" - Versus Future of India

Traits and Personality

        Mr. Narendrabhai Damodarbhai Modi is an extremely ambitious person right from his childhood.  Born in a Ghanchi family of average lower middle class from the State of Gujarat. Struggled through a large family and dedicated himself with a long vision.  As a small child joined the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh, an organisation with headquarters at Nagpur, Maharashtra as an ordinary helper (Bal-Sevak). A dedicated, painstakingly long crawler, creeped upwards through luck and hard work.  Even as a child had taken tough decisions. Stayed away from family when other children clings to their parental family which means sacrificing immediate gains of childhood for a better and fruitful gains in the invisible future.  This decision of Mr. Modi as a child was not a mere coincidence but had traits/flashes of  leadership, vision and long beam attitude of a Trend-Setter.  Historically it is seen that persons who are meek, mild and submissive are generally not trend-setters, pioneers and leaders.  These traits were there in Mr. Modi, even as a child. 

              Besides this, another tough decision of Mr. Modi was that he had left behind his childhood married wife ( childhood marriages were generally solemnised in India in those days) for the sake of  serving the community and the people in general.  Believe me, it is a tough decision at the age of a teenager or adolescent.  Something of a solid trait in this person.  An extra-ordinary feature.  Generally in India, it is a rare phenomena to live without a companion at the young age.  If you compare the adolescence period of Mahatma Gandhi in which he intoxicantly addicted to  the married life.  May be it is yoga and bramhacharya (celibacy) which might have inspired him.

          After serving in the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak about two decades, got matured from a balswayamsevak to full pracharak..  Learnt about the religion, castes and communities, languages and dialects in India and participated in missionary works in different parts of the world.  This gave him a strong ground grooming for a future leader of India.  A man from the grass-root level with vibgyor colours and vision.  His political climb-up has been phenomenal.  Had an opportunity to be nominated and elected as a Chief Minister of Gujarat in the year October, 2001 with the blessings of his mentor, Mr. L.K. Advani, a very senior leader of Bharatiya Janata Party.  He got this opportunity to lead as a Captain or Chief Minister of Gujarat.  There is no looking back like a one day cricket batsman, hard-hitter, fours and sixes, used the high-tech social-media, blitzkrieg during the elections and also in the propaganda, advertisement, achievements, on occasions of inauguration and foundation laying ceremonies, etc.

          The Godhra Riots of Gujarat during the year - 2002 have been the sore point in his career.  These communal riots have reflected on the personality of Mr. Modi from the point of view as a 'pracharak', politician, a man with a RSS background, as an 'Administrator - whether partial or impartial, fully matured or myopic leader.  There have been many political ups and downs.  Sometimes, he was found politically isolated, grouped and tagged.  Came over the political and judicial entanglements with a long patience, attainability and with a mix of strategies.  He has caught nerve of public as a good orator, crowd puller, organiser, manipulator and mesmeriser.  His stint in the theatrics while in the school had helped him in this endeavour.  Basically, he has branded himself as a "go-getter" and 'out-of-the-box thinker and more or less as a deliverer.  His development oriented politics have over-shadowed  his involvement or otherwise, directly or indirectly in the Godhra Riots. He was able to woo the youngsters for a better future compared to the lackadaisical and slow moving, the then Prime Minister of India, Dr. Man Mohan Singh of the Congress Party.  Its all history now that as to how he was able to convincingly lead the Bharatiya Janata Party to power during the Parliamentary Elections held in May, 2014.

          Now, when we compare his election hypes, rising the  expectations of younger generation, who are fast moving, want instant solutions, progressive, positive and development oriented with the type of  traits and personality of Mr. Modi, as has been referred to in the above paras of the Blog, the outcome looks to be rather uncertain.  A Prime Minister cannot be a 'selfie', a one-man army.  The style of governance in India is pyramidal.  He can best be a Captain of the Team.  He should be more accommodative, conciliatory and tactical in taking along the opposition for the cause of national development.  His big ticket programmes like "Make in India, GST system of taxation including the retrospective taxation of foreign institutional investors, Land Acquisition Bill, Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, Jan Dhan Scheme linking with Aadhar Cards (a subsidy linkage with bank accounts for the poor), removal of corruption, curtailment and bringing back of black money, etc. calls for framing the Agenda in Timelines.  He should form a core-team for fulfilment of this massive Agenda of Development and Good Governance in the Prime Ministers' Office.  Involve all the experts, bankers, industrialists, economists and opposition leaders wherever necessary for fulfilment of his goals.  The hard-core attitude of some of his Council of Ministers with regard to pronouncements/announcement on  negative, non-developmental matters calls for his instant and immediate intervention so that the public should not get a sectarian, negative and unwanted feeling.  The party may have a political agenda but that should not over-shadow the positives of the Government.  Autonomy should be upheld of the Constitutional Institutions.  

            The Prime Minister should spare a few moments on the burning, attention calling and immediate needs of the farmers, workers and also the business entrepreneurs.  People expect India to be a "Super-Power" which means all round development of  Indians (including all castes, sub-castes, colours and creeds, tribes and sub-tribes, have and have nots, all regions, etc).  Seclusion and non-inclusion of communities may fetch you votes but not "super power status".  The mantra of India should be  "development, development & development of all and not of a few".  History is witness that the sectarian and myopic attitudes do not lead to prosperity and progress of the nations.  Hence, involve every citizen of India in the national building and reconstruction.  Votes will come automatically if we are positive and accommodative.  Make the Dalits (the down-trodden) and Minorities feel proud in the progress of the Nation.  A year of Governance of the National Democratic Union will pass by and the 2nd year will follow, so on and so forth. 

               People wants results my dear Hon'ble Prime Minister.  God bless the Nation.  Jai Hind.