Wednesday, 20 May 2015


L E A D E R 

Leader is one who leads. +Narendra Modi  The person should lead from the front.  He should not follow the mob.  He should neither be too ahead of the Group or too far behind.  Guess yourself in India.  He should guide, lead and control the Group/Community.  Incidentally or co-incidentally, we in India have a Jugal-bandi - a Captain of the Team leading the Government and the Vice-Captain leading the Party, Mr. Amit Shah.  Relatively, Indians are far luckier than Luxembourgians who are led by unorthodox jugal-bandi.  By the way, Bhishma Pitamah of Mahabharata an Epic (a character of manliness, masculinity, character, strength and skills) would have given up Astra, Shastra and even Rashtra if he were living in Luxembourg as he had done while facing the character 'Arjuna' as Shikandi in the battle field of Mahabharata. Indians are lucky to have one leader with 56 inches Chest and the other definitely, more than 56 inches.  May be 60 inches though he had never declared publicly.
      Basically, we are discussing that a Leader should possess the following traits: 
  • He should be a good ORGANIZER.  Capable of organizing on demand, good public rallies, meetings, congregations, strikes and bandhs.
  • He should be a good ORATOR.  He should possess an attractive soprano sound and speech, tactical, one or two liners for political speeches, couplets or poems, mesmerising and inter-active public speaking skills.
  • He should be a good ACTOR.  Good appearance, dress, colourful attire if not only a hat, saafa or shamla, pagdi (head-gear).  Should have in-built theatrics and mono-acting skills. An appealing appearance.
  • He should be a good ADMINISTRATOR.  He should be tough, tactful and flexible Manager as well as an Administrator.  He should be a trend-setter, CEO of the Nation and innovative adapter of public interest policies/schemes.  A decision maker.  Should take the team along.  No selphie, please.  An adaptor or copier of other good deeds, tacts and trends.  Flexible and not brittle, person.
  • Not Last but the least, he should be a STATESMAN.  He should have 'vision, a long vision of the forthcoming trends and patterns.  A futuristic view of the next 100 years.  A 360 degrees telescopic view of the things and events.
          For the past 25 years, I am playfully, analysing all the leaders of the world including the great ones like Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Mr. John F Kennedy, Mr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Mr. Nelson Mandela, even negative personalities like Mr. Hitler and Idi Amin, etc.  Give 10 marks each for every trait.  5 - traits = 50 marks total.  Then, start giving marks against any leader (Mr. x) current or past (posthumous), you can yourself analyse what qualities and marks that a Leader possesses.  Its very easy and simple method of comparison of a political leader, whether it is Mr. Obama of USA or Narendra Modi of India or Mr. Shinzo Abe of  You will see that rarely leaders possesses all the 5-traits and even the marks they score out of 50 are abysmally low.  Thus, the low quality leaders are weeded out.  Only, the strong, high will powered and long crawlers can fit into the exam with some success.  I find that World Statesmen like Mr. Winston Churchill of United Kingdom stands out taller including Mrs. Indira Gandhi of India, of course.

        Let us just enjoy scanning and x-raying the local leaders from ward level municipality.  They are just pea-nuts until you find one exceptionally brilliant.  May be a future bright prospect.  Let us move a little more higher analysing political leaders at the level of State Legislative Assemblies.  The score again is very abysmally low.  The above method of testing a leader is a basic tool.  You can add further traits as per your liking and calculations like black, brown or white, religious, non-believer, graduate or post-graduate, amenable or rude, accessible or inaccessible, likewise further and further,  Thereby increasing the total traits versus total marks.  Its quite an enjoying political puzzle game of time pass.

        Further up, you can now easily scan and x-ray a politician abilities and capabilities at the level of a Senate or Parliament (Lok Sabha).  After scanning a couple of dozens, you can filter out top level leaders who are just able, capable and worth leading a Nation.  Leading a Nation is a King Size Jackpot.  Let us imagine, leading USA amounts to how many billions, likewise China and India.  You cannot calculate in realistic terms the cost of the post of a President or a Prime Minister of a Nation. Your small mistakes may cost the Nation, dearly.  A bad leader will spoil the precious time of the country for four or five years.  Hence, we must be careful while selecting our leaders. 

         Be careful, while voting and choosing a leader.  Film actors, celebrities, bhands and badwas were never to be elected or selected as Leaders as they were found to be not 'good leaders' or at least 'good administrators'.  What to talk of Good Statesmen.  Choosing and voting is a skilful art and should not be taken as a routine exercise.  Now-a-days, people watch the game of democracy of all over the world, including USA, UK, Germany,Japan and India and even a provincial State like Bihar in India.  

            If you have time and patience, scan and x-ray your leaders and enjoy their traits.  Be serious in analysing.  Its not a child's play.  All the best.