Friday, 12 June 2015

What is Good Governance?


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United Nations Definition of Governance
  Good Governance is an art, science and management.  No single faculty or criteria can define it. It is a Passion.  A painful and a joyous 'Passion'.  The Governor rules over its subjects.  The Governor can be a one man head who controls over a number of subjects as it used to be during the pre-historic/historic periods of Chuief Tribesmen and Chiefs-tans. The History details about the evolution of leadership.  Briefly, they have evolved as positive and negative leaders/administrators as tribal chiefs, gangsters, ministers, governors, kings, maharajas, nawabs, shahenshahs, etc. The French Revolution has brought democratisation of governance with its three pillars of  liberty, equality and fraternity.  Thus, the hierarchical nominations of kings/queens have been replaced by a democratically elected representatives to rule over the subjects as administrators/governors/prime ministers/presidents, etc.

Best Formula of Good Governance

The Good Governance means the following assessments/evaluations of the performance of the Government :- 
  • The Government right from the Prime Minister to all the Ministers heading every Ministry/Department should deliver.  Perform 365/24/7 basis and on 360 degrees.  
  • Press/Opposition parties/judiciary and the 'Public' should evaluate the Ministers performance and the laggards should be removed by the Prime Minister, periodically.
  • The basic needs of the public like 'roti, kapda aur makan' (bread n butter, apparels and housing) should be fulfilled without much short supplies, price-rise and on affordable basis.
  • Comprehensive and Progressive Plan of Action should be drawn in 'Timelines' and implemented in a 'time-bound' manner.  
  • Important sectors of the economy like foreign affairs, defence, home and internal affairs, finance including revenue and expenditure, education and welfare should be handled with utmost efficiency.  THE SPEED OF PERFORMANCE  should be on 'FAST TRACK' basis.  
  • The Index of Happiness should be high.  The GDP growth to be double digits.  Inflation under control. The demand and supply should be +ve. The promises made during the pre-poll election propaganda should be delivered.
     The take-off of the present NDA (National Democratic Alliance) Government in India #Modi has been very positive.After about 13 months of governance, a number of deficiencies of performance are seen, which are required to be taken note. Except for six-to-eight Ministers, the performance rating of substantial number of Union/StateMinisters has been pathetically very low. There needs to be urgent priorityfor re-shuffling the Union Cabinet thereby dropping the laggards. Re-align and re-organise as otherwise, the Government has to carry the burden of inefficient or under-efficient Ministers.  To refurbish the performance and image of the Government, the Prime Minister may consider the following 'prescriptions':

  • Induct professional and efficient administrators, scientists, bankers, experts into the Government.  The process should be on merit basis and transparent.
  • On the pattern of Central Bureau of Investigation, establish a 'Central Anti-Corruption Bureau' to deal with corruption right from the top-to-the-bottom.  Change the law on the pattern of Japan and Singapore, where both the giver-and-the-taker of bribe are punished and penalised.
  • Reform and re-organise the 'tax structure' both direct and indirect taxes.  Of-course, the GST is good for the economy but it is also seen that only a few are taxed in India (salaried and fixed income group) but a large number go scot free thereby avoiding taxes.  There are big loop-wholes in the tax applicability and collection in India.
  • Review Performance of atleast 2-3 Ministries every alternate day, you can easily monitor them. Delegate more authority to your Council of Ministers.  Involve and take cooperation of opposition for the cause of 'national development and national integration' wherever possible.
  • Make your 'national schemes' truely pan-Indian, carry along each every citizen of India, no caste or creed basis.  The only 'community is Indian'.  Control your party big-mouths who at times are shattering your good deeds.  The game of 'communal and caste' riots is out-dated British hang-over which has caused a loss of 'trillions of rupees - and made India backward by atleast 2 decades.        
       If this Government truly attempts,  can carry along, all the Indians in the cause of 'national development'.  Discard the divisive formula of 'majority versus minority' or north-Indian versus south-India, east versus west Indian.  Make it Pan-Indian.  No discrimination, please.  Make it truly secular.  Then, see you would be the political scenario of India between 2020-2025.  No big or small Indians. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Kutch to Kamakya, make the Indians secular and one Indians.

Wish the Government well.  The political parties in India may have to fight a hard-battle if they
want to achieve, retain and sustain power.  The younger Indians have gown smarter.  
Governments are made to work or perish.  No options, please.