Saturday, 10 October 2015

Mr. Modi - a Dream Seller

Dream Selling Magician
Yes, No-doubt, every politician sells dreams to the hapless common voters.  The catch young voters with tender brains, more aspiring, impatient and dynamic with kinetic energy are the easy preys for the mature politicians. Mr. Modi had also tried to sell the 'dreams' during the elections held in India for the Lower House (Lok Sabha) during the year, 2014.  The young voters in the age group of 20-30 years of age are carried away and become more emotional on account of some of the factors, as below:

a)  Nationalism
b)  Secularism with individual and personal religion-ism
c)  Job creation and reduction of  unemployment
d)  Development of Industry, Commerce and Trade
e)  Good Governance on internal security, no terrorism-extremism-naxalism, peace and security
f)   Active and Innovative Government using Hi-Tech Methods thereby reducing corruption

The lower middle class and the middle class both in the rural and urban areas in age bracket of 30-40 years are relatively less carried away than the youngsters. Besides, the above youngsters' emotional factors, the middle-age group  also carry some traits which are described, as under:-

a)  Religion
b)  Caste/Sub-Castes and Reservation Policy in Employment and Education
c)  Regionalism and Language
d)  Inflation, Taxation, Subsidies, Good Governance, Peace and Development
e)  Opportunities for further development of individuals and families.

       Mr. Narendra Damodardas. Modi being a skilful politician and an orator attracted the youngsters and the middle-aged substantially by promising the near impossibles during the pre-election and post election announcements (Chai pe Charcha), Foreign jaunts and State Elections.  Some of his tall promises and fulfilments are given in a nut-shell:

a)  Bring back black-money into India wherein he had promised that every Indian will get Rs. 15              Lakh of Rupees in his bank account.  Lambi Phek (a litle high promise),
b)  Economic, Financial and Industrial Reforms on Fast Track basis.  These have not come.  Only in         tits-and-bits.  The Goods Services Tax and Land Bill are yet to see the light of the day.
c)   Good Governance (Achche Din Aanewale Hain-Good Days are definitely going to come).                   Minimum Government with Maximum Governance.  Except the Power, Defence and of-course           the Railway and Road Transport Ministries, all others are mediocre.  Inflation has stabilised but           on the other way, there are no rise in incomes and money earning opportunities created by the             present Government, markets are down, exports have come down and manufacturing is low,               stock exchanges have not given good returns, job opportunities have become feeble (even MBA         and Bachelor Technology degree holders are applying for the post of a peon/chowkidar), jobs in         the Government/Public and Private Sector are not to be seen.  Revenues of the Government are           sustained by NRI Remittances, Indirect Taxes - Excise, Customs and Service Tax.  Where are the       Achche Din for a common-man?
d)   Swach Bharat.  Technically and morally a good programme.  Still the golden Bharat remains               ugly and filthy.  Government has failed to carry along the public/NGOs/Public and Private                   Limited Companies including the Press and the Media.  It should have been a people's movement.
      The centralised governance has failed.
e)   The Development of India as a 'Super Power', as a Developed and Industrialised Nation at par
      with Japan and China.  Foreign travels and tourism of Hon'ble PM is yet to yield results.  They           may come but it will take some baking time.  Most of the Cabinet Ministers do not go on foreign         visits - have they left that job to the Principal Cabinet Minister?

Mr Narendrabhai Modi should now pay attention to make his dreams are fulfill.  Make 'governance and administration' on Fast-Track basis.  Re-shuffle his Council of Ministers by discarding the laggards.  Induct private professionals and experts into the Government (should recall that what the Government have failed to deliver, has been shown by experts like MS Swaminathan, Kurien, Shreedharan, APJ Abdul Kalam and Nandan Nilekani, etc).  Centralised Governance may not be feasible for a continental nation like India - should allow more freedom to his Council of Ministers to perform and show the results.  Allow the Secretaries to the Government to perform and deliver and give them protection from fear and exploitation.

Not last but the least - request your mentors, the RSS (Rashtriya Secular Samaj) to control the lumpen and 'Show-Shaw' leaders in the party and their attached organisations to not to break the nationalism/secular fabric of the country.  Carry along your slogan 'Subka Saath-Sabka Vikas'.  All Indians, do want your dreams to be fulfilled.  The key to reforms lies near you.  Discard your bureaucratic Advisers or else replace them with professionals and experts.  Listen to the Press and the Public, a little more.   Accommodate the views of the Opposition wherever possible.  De-centralise the power structure in the Union Government.

Wish you good Mr Prime Minister.