Thursday, 9 April 2015

11-Month Performance of Modi Sarkar (Diagnosis and Prescriptions)

   As a Doctor you examine and diagnose the performance of the Modi Sarkar.  The take-off was excellant and the air-journey is little better than Air India.  India's common janta was assured repeatedly in almost every election rally by Mr. Modi that the Indians are going to take off in a 'Rocket' journey once the NDA is voted to power.  The cruise will be swift, speedy and enjoying. The social media has nick named this gentleman in a slang as a big 'pheku'.  A friend of mine jokingly describes about 'phekus' that "itna bada bhi na pheko jo rafu na kar sake" means we should not promise something big which is not feasible for implementation. Even after the LS elections, the big promises were repeated in the State Assembly elections, too.

     Mr. Modi is not a 'Selfie'.  He is not a single-man Army but is a Captain of a Ship, called India. His crew comprises of Union Council of Ministers, bureaucrats, partymen and dedicated stealth force of RSS.  The promises made are big and the expectations of the public are still bigger.  Almost, it will be one year of performance of the present Government and the promises fulfilled are not even in double digit (jhan dhan, insurance, defence, etc).  We know you have some compulsions of majority in the Rajya Sabha but that does not mean that there is no scope of 'parliamentary conciliations/management' which is lacking in your present set up.  Except for five or six Ministries( Finance, Defence, Power, External Affairs, etc) the deliverance of performance of other forty odd Ministries is quite deplorable.  Captain there is something wrong with either your selection of the Ministers or else there lies of fault of performance monitoring.  Just meeting with Secretaries to the GOI over a cup of tea is no serious review of performance.  This meeting should include the Minister in-charge  as well as the Secretary  with a proper Agenda for the particular Ministry.

      As the time-tested Five Year Plans have been discarded but still the Niti Ayog is yet to take-off.  The Niti Ayog has lot to do and it seems it not yet ready to take the  baby steps.  Time-lines and proper objectives should be defined for the Niti Ayog.  It is a very important organ and a tool of the governance - the nation cannot watch and wait for months and years.

       The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation has almost failed in its objective.  Monitoring and Implementation is key to success.  The process of evaluation and monitoring has just became routine and even the Monthly Note to the Cabinet Secretary has become cyclical and routine. These routine performance appraisal of  the Ministry of Statistics and Prog. Implementation, Ministry of Finance, Planning Commission (Niti Ayog) and the monthly report for Cab. Secretary have become redundant.  Hence, calls for something Urgent and out of the box treatment.Therefore, the Prime Minister should head a Panel for Evaluation and Performance Appraisal of the different Ministries where the Vice Chairman, Niti Ayog and the Cabinet Secretary should be associated as per assignment.

       This PEPA (Panel for Evaluation & Performance Appraisal) under the PMO should plan a Real Time Agenda for the development of India, as a whole.  Sub-Plans should be earmarked for each Ministry, Niti Ayog, UPSC and other constitutional bodies.  Expert Bodies (chambers of commerce, eminent economists, institutions of repute) may also be associated, if need be and as per requirement. The PEPA should meet every month either on the last Saturday or Sunday of the Month.  The Minutes of the Meeting should be displayed on the website of the PMO and NITI AYOG except the agenda items that are sensitive and top confidential pertaining to defence, external affairs and internal security.  

        The Nation has a right to know about the visible gains and measure losses owing to improper implementation of the schemes/plans under the GoI.  The quantification of presumable losses caused due to time-lags, delays and non-coordinated actions of various department resulting non-achievement of physical infrastructure, financial and revenue losses, non-generation of employment, etc.  These losses are not visible.  Therefore the MoM of the PEPA Meetings should be displayed on the Website of the Niti Ayog and the PMO.  Mr. Prime Minister, some senior bureaucrats may not agree with this prescription but get this suggestion evaluated by some competent professionals.  All the best to the Prime Minister in the days to come-by for fulfilling his promises.