Friday, 24 April 2015

Caste and Communal Riots in India

 Caste and Communal Riots in India - How to tackle 

      It is a common knowledge that prior to independence, the British have practically used the existence of different castes and communities in Indian Sub-Continent to their advantage by creating friction between these groups.  These frictions have later grown as caste clashes and communal riots.  To prolong their rule over the natives, the British has along been using this dirty weapon quite often.  You can glance through the post independence scenario of the common wealth countries, like India, the Middle East, the Palestinian, the Iran-Iraq, the African continent, etc. etc, which endorses the British Policy of Divide and Rule, the Natives.  This has cost the World Community dearly.  The cancer has spread all over the world and the poor post independence Governments of the Common Wealth are still struggling to deal with it.  Sooner to over come this menace, the better it will be, for the common good of the humanity. www,
Communal and Caste Riots

        After the Independence, post  mega communal riots of partition, the then Government of India took an excellent action to integrate different princely states numbering about thousand five hundred headed mini & mega nawabs, rajas and maharajas into the Union of India.  On different occasions, the Government had to take various army actions, police actions in Hyderabad, Kashmir and Goa, etc. Eventually, all these actions have resulted in the present form of the Indian State.  Well done, the GoI.

       Surprisingly, during the past 65 years of the post independence era, India has witnessed, tens of thousands of communal and caste riots, spread over across India - be it from UP to AP or from Kashmir to Kerala.  More or less, every Indian is aware of the innumerable reasons on which communal and caste  (comcaste) riots occur, flare up and extinguish, leaving thereby deep scars which take long time to heal.  Many a times, it is also seen that the Government both at the Union and the State level has failed to prevent, control or rehabilitate the affected post riots.

        The Ministry of Home Affairs both at the Central and State levels have failed, time and again, despite the availability of the services of specialised intelligence gathering agencies, the CRPF, the Rapid Action Force, the State Armed Police Battalions, the general Law and Order Police Forces in controlling these comcaste riots.  May be, the MHA is too vast a Ministry to handle issues from Disaster Management to Official Language.  Even, at the level of the State Governments, the Chief Ministers or the State Home Ministers including their Chief Secretaries and the DGPs have failed to tackle these comcaste riots.

Therefore, it is time to ponder.  We should take strong measures, some of which are suggested below to handle this recurrent problem; if India has to become a Super Power in the near future:-

a)  Immediately, create a separate Ministry for National Integration and Communal Harmony.  The least, can be to create a Separate Department under the MHA, directly under the charge of a junior MoS who should either report to Home Minister or the Prime Minister.  It is necessary to mention here, the concept of National Integration Council, etc. (ad-hoc and limited measures have failed, till now).

b)   Like, the National Disaster Response Force, a separate National Communal Harmony Force should be created by integrating some battalions from the CRPF and RAF, etc.
c)   The political parties/organisations should be given a Code of Conduct by the Election Commission to desist from patronising the comcaste elements/organisations
d)  Special Fast Track Courts be established for Comcaste Riots.
e)  Aadhar Cards should be used for post-riot Rehabilitation Packages and Schemes for the affected persons
f)   The Commissions of  Enquiry/Judicial Commissions should given a time-bound reports, say, within 90 days and not later than 100 days of the occurrence of the incident.  The follow-up Action Taken Report should invariably put up on the Table of the Legislative Assembly or Parliament, as the case may be, within a time bound period of say-60 days.
g)   The Unit Level Action/Monitoring is of prime importance in the case of comcaste riots.  The Station House Officer (SHO) and the S.P. along with the District Magistrate/District Collection should be made responsible and accountable.  If good work done, these officers should be incentivised and honoured.
h)   Least but not the last, the Hon.ble Prime Minister and the Chief Minister should review the situation every month devoting at least an Hour on the date of the Review. Suggestions have been deliberately limited to avoid a lengthy Blog.

       The above are some of the suggestions to handle the comcaste riots.  India can save billions of rupees of  losses, per annum.  It can surely rise to be the Super Power in the first half of the 21st Century.