Tuesday, 14 April 2015


      The Great Nature is Supreme.  Its involves the principles of multiplication/division and subtraction/addition which the Nature is rendering for billions of years with perfection.  This involves lots of data gathering, processing, analysis and applications based on mathematical, geometrical and geological, etc. calculations.  The evolution of the Nature has resulted in multiple gifts of the nature  for the sake of humanity, on account of various colours, fruits, vegetables, hills, lakes, fountains, rivers and so on.  Thanks Almighty I love it, cherish and enjoy.
       The Humans have been one of the best creations of the Almighty and as per Islam - they are called "Ashraful Makhlook", the best of the living organisms, the God has created. From the dawn of civilisations, the humans have also started following and practicing the Great Nature and its principles of multiplication/division and subtraction/addition resulting  in better creations/products.  The evolution process had resulted into groups, tribes, villages, towns, cities, countries and continents and as well from chieftains, gang-leaders, cult leaders, kings yielding place to authoritarian dictatorships, democratic republics and so on and so forth.  It has also resulted into a side-effect resulting into 'Division of the Society' on account of:-
(a)  religion
(b)  genetic features like negro (africanese), mongoloid, european, aryan, dravidian,etc
(c)  colour and creed - white, black and brown
(d)  castes, sub-castes, dalits and maha-dalits...
(e)  languages and dialects
(f)   continents, sub-continents, group of regions (latin,north n south americas,etc), countries and in the country - north/south, east/west and middle.....
(g)  And one more on Food Habits (vegetarian, non-vegetarian and everytarian) etc.

            The concept of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" - the world is a one family has been broken into pieces.  May be you need one more UN organ to handle this disease of the Nations.  Let us examine and diagnose some top five points of all these Food Habit believers:
i)       should eat only vegetables and plants
ii)      unhuman to kill the animals/birds for their flesh/bones/blood etc
iii)     vegetables are good for health
iv)     drink and eat milk, natural fruits and juices
v)      killing is animalistic, cruel and inhuman
i)       God and Supreme Nature has provided the animals/birds/sea-food for the survival of the human beings along with other species of the earth
ii)       Plants and vegetables are also living beings.  Veggies should not kill them to eat
iii)      The Veggies should not drink the milk of cow, goat, camel, donkey (given to infants as good for fighting diseases in the rural parts of Telangana, Andhra and Uttara Karnataka)  instead should drink 'Soya Milk, Maize Milk, Jowar Milk, etc)
iv)      Veggies are also killing billions of good bacteria, uni-n-multi cellular organisms while eating their food,
v)       Animal/bird/seafood has many nutrients/minerals/proteins for the sustenance of the humans - a Gift of God.

  • theirs is wholesome food  
  • no division-no sectarianism
  • nature followers
  • no religion/caste or cult beliefs
  • follow whatever they like            
          Now that we have diagnosed the problem.  It is seen that various State Governments are fast-tracking legislations banning the slaughter of cows and calfs, buffaloes, bulls, etc.  Mere possession, eating, storage, etc is a crime with a heavy punishment.  Tomorrow, the muslims may ask for banning the 'pork', jains may ask banning mulberry cocoons, buddhists may ask total ban on plant and animal life.  There is no end to it.  Its OK to ban the slaughter of cow and calf, as a matter of respect to the "Astha" of the Hindus.  Not the "Astha of the Vedics" as they used to cherish the animal all by-products.  Hereagain, there is no end to protect the Asthas but as a matter of respect-there is no harm to agree to the non-slaughter of the cow-and-the-calf. Even the Holy Quran prescribes restrictions on the slaughter of milk yielding animals and their calves. The Hindu Pantheon loves lot of animals, monkeys, rats, bulls, horses - fruits and other vegetables.  How about banning them.  There is no end to it.  Somewhere the commas and full stops have to be applied.  
          A number of elements, circumstances and factors are required to be taken before bringing out a Bill for Legislation for Passing by the stake-holders like legislators, political parties, Government including the Hon'ble President of India before according his assent for introduction and implementation of the Bills of such nature.  A large number of socio-economic, national, international, religious, caste and belief issues are involved.  The present bills passed by the Government of Maharashtra and Haryana have substantially affected the following communities:
a)  Dalits, Backwards, Scheduled Tribes involved in the field of tanning, leather and footwear industry (mochis, etc), minorities (kasabs and qureshis), christians, north-east India
b)  Effect on the trade and industry, exports and imports, storage, whole-sale and retail, transport and tourism including the hotel industry of the economy 
c)   Socio-economic costs to the Nation
d)  Alternate provisions for the caring of banned animals in their old age, gowshalas and pashushalas, final burials and cremations have to be properly taken care of.
e)  Last but not the least -  the misuse of the Law by the police and unwanted and undesirable entanglement of the innocents.  
          Ponder a little.  Think positively and in the overall interest of the Nation.  Revise provisions of the Legislations passed except the Ban on Cow and Calf Slaughter.  This is the Prescription.  Mera Desh Mahan - it is a Gul and Gulisthan of various sects, castes, tribes, beliefs, asthas, a conglomerate of people on the pattern of  Supreme Nature.